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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Instructions for Use & Care of Your Truetone Mod. D2216B Table Radio

Truetone was the in-house brand name for radios made for Western Auto stores. These radios are known for their high quality construction, great sound and unique appearance.

The D2216 B featured is a tube type AM table radio housed in a rich brown bakelite case and manufactured in 1954.  Featuring a combination clock/alarm, this model was distinguished from other radios in its price range by its glass dial lenses, gold tone metal grill and high-end components. Design-wise, it has a traditional look that was popular in that period.

Your radio has been thoroughly evaluated and restored in our shop.  The case is original in all respects and the electrical components updated to assure reliable operation.  

Care and cleaning

1. The bakelite case has a high gloss finish baked on at the factory.  For that reason NEVER use abrasives of any kind or citrus based cleaning products as they will remove the gloss and it cannot be restored.  We recommend a periodic wipe-down of the case every month or so using a soft cloth dampened with plain water.  A microfiber cloth is ok to use.

For a more deep cleaning, use something like mild dishwasher detergent and a soft cloth.  Be sure to use a plain water cloth to remove any soap residue.

2, Generally, these bakelite cases need little or no maintenance other than the normal cleaning and dusting described above.  It is our practice to apply a protective coat of carnuba based wax prior to shipping.  A new coat of wax can be put on after a year or so, if you wish.  DO NOT use any of the wax/cleaners as these contain abrasives which will damage the finish.  We recommend a high quality automotive wax that contains carnuba wax. 

3.  Do not place your radio is direct sunlight as this can damage the bakelite.

4, The radio should be operated at least a couple hours a week. It's ok to leave it plugged in and the clock running.
  a) For their time, these clocks were really good. But they are mechanical and by today's standards cannot be expected to keep perfect time. The clock on this radio is very good and runs quietly. It needs no servicing.

Operating the radio

1. Plug in the radio and using the far left (as you face it) knob, turn it counter-clockwise to the 'on' position. After about 60 seconds, you will hear some light static or crackling in the speaker. 

2. Using the larger knob on the front of the radio, tune it to a station. When the station is loud and clear, the radio is tuned.  The smaller knob controls the volume.

3. The time is adjusted using the knurled knob on the back of the radio.

4. The alarm can be set to either go off as a 'buzz' or turn on the radio at a set time.  Set the time you want it to go off using the right hand clock knob.  When it is set, gently pull the knob out (toward you).  The alarm will then come on at the set time.  

5. There is a snooze knob on the bottom which when rotated, will turn the radio off for a few minutes. 

Our goal is to restore these old radios to as close to their original look and working condition as possible. For more information about our process, please see the article about Louie the old Zenith radio that was posted last year.

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