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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Instructions for the Care and Operation of Your Westinghouse Clock Radio

In the 1950's, there was hardly a home anywhere that didn't have a Westinghouse TV, refrigerator or radio. The 1957 model clock radio was unique in its 'TV' look, and was produced in more or less the same case for the next several years.

The 1957 model is the nicest with its gold tone clock background and really high quality hard plastic case.

These old radios, once restored are reliable and trouble free with just a minimum of care and maintenance.


1. Do not place the radio in direct sunlight. Also, make sure the area where the radio is placed is open with plenty of ventilation.  Tube radios generate a fair amount of heat which needs space to dissipate.

2. The high gloss plastic case on this radio is easy to clean. Fingerprints, dust and dirt can easily be removed with a damp cloth and little mild dish washing detergent.  Be sure to rinse any soap residue off the case with a clean wet rag. 

3. DO NOT use any abrasives as they will scratch and damage the plastic. Likewise, solvents and citrus cleaners should not be used.

4. Radios restored in our shop will have a protective coat of carnuba wax applied.  This should last a long while &but if you want to wax it, use a high grade automotive wax with carnuba and NO CLEANERS. The process is identical to waxing a car; apply, let it dry and buff it off,

5. We have found that soft toothbrush is effective in cleaning all the grooves on the speaker side of the radio.  It also works for cleaning gunk out of the knurls on the tuning and volume knobs. If the knobs are incredibly dirty they can be pulled off and soaked in a solution of water and gentle dish detergent.


1. Plug it in and make sure the clock is running.  

2. To turn the radio on, rotate the right hand switch from the 'off' position to the 'on' position.  These are printed on the clock face and the knob has a molded pointer.  

3. The alarm function can be set with these knobs.  Once set, rotate the knob pointer to 'Radio Alarm'. The radio will then come on at the set time.

4. Although these radios can be played for long periods of time, remember they are 60 to 70 years old and are not designed to operate hour after hour.  We recommend no more than 6 hours a day, although it can remain plugged in so the clock operates.

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